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The Governing Board oversees the health of the school in two key ways. First, the Board establishes and preserves the mission of the school by ensuring that school processes and policies are congruent with the mission. Second, the Board oversees the sound fiscal and operational management of the school. The River Springs Governing Board has well-established bylaws that stipulate the terms and limits of service of each board member. In addition, the board has approved policies to govern themselves, the school management and the student population. These policies and processes clearly delineate the roles and responsibilities of each stakeholder.

River Springs Charter School Governing Board
Rachel Couch, Chair
2nd term expires 6/30/25
Jenny Adamo, Director
1st term expires 6/30/24
Jamie Thompson, Vice Chair
2nd term expires 6/30/25
Reginald Wadlington, Director
2nd term expires 6/30/23
Louis Fetherolf, Treasurer..
1st term expires 6/30/23
Stephanie Heiliger, Director
1st term expires 6/30/24
Steffany Johnson, Secretary
2nd term expires 6/30/25

Please direct any Board-related communication to Natali South, Senior Director of Charter Relations using the form below or calling (951) 252-8892

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What I love the most about attending Springs Charter Schools is how I know everyone, and I am treated with respect around campus.

- Avalon G., Student
High School
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