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Class Action Lawsuit

Leaders from Springs Charter Schools, The Classical Academies, and The Learning Choice Academy are joining a coalition challenging SB-98 and SB-820—California’s new state funding laws which do not provide funding for all growing public schools. Combined, schools represented in the lawsuit have welcomed over 2,000 unfunded new students representing $20.9 million in withheld state funding. These school systems represent a small portion of the 310 non-classroom based schools in California—many of which are growing this year. In California, a school is considered non-classroom based if the majority of students spend more than 20 percent of their learning off-campus. Such schools provide families with a range of options from fully virtual to a hybrid of on-campus and at-home learning all done with the support of teachers.

Learn more about the lawsuit and how to support the #FundAllKids movement by visiting www.FundAllKids.org

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10.9.20 – Interest in charter schools on the rise in San Diego County (ABC 10 San Diego)


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