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Venture Helps Teen Pursue Pro Basketball Team

May 17, 2018

Jontue Cooper II, an 8th-grade student with Springs’ Venture Online Program, trains daily at Above and Beyond Basketball in pursuit of his goal of becoming a professional basketball player. He and his family selected Venture so that his academic schedule could work more effectively with his basketball practice. Continue reading

Venture Online Teen is a Successful Equestrian

March 7, 2018

Elle Martin, 15, is a 10th-grader at Springs’ Venture Online who has become a successful young equestrian. She has been riding horses from the time she was three years old and has competed in horseback riding competitions throughout California. She lives in Riverside. Continue reading

Venture Girl is a Rising Tennis Star

January 4, 2018

Charlotte “Charly” Saltz, a 6th-grade student with Springs’ Venture Online Program, is a rising star on the competitive youth tennis circuit. Charly chose Venture last year to give her the flexibility to pursue tennis, training several hours a day with her father’s tennis program in Los Angeles. Continue reading

Venture Senior Becomes Eagle Scout

September 5, 2017

Trenton Visyak, a senior with Venture Online, has become an Eagle Scout. To earn this designation, he worked with the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department, Search & Rescue Division, on a GPS location project to be used for evacuation during fires or other natural disasters.

Continue reading

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