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Venture Student Races Motorcycles

November 8, 2021

Jesse Shedden, a 7th grade student with Springs’ Venture Online program, is an accomplished motocross and street bike racer. The 12-year-old has been racing nearly his entire life, and has won international championships in Canada and France, and is hoping for another big win in an upcoming MiniGP Final in Spain. He said, “I enjoy the competition. I am very competitive.”

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Venture 5th Grader Learns to Fly

October 18, 2021

Gael Lopez, a 5th grade student in Springs’ Venture Online program, is learning to be a pilot.  At age 8, he began taking flight simulator classes, and with his brother, Leo, he has enrolled in flight school.  Instructor Cam Shankland of Upper Limit Aviation is teaching him to maneuver and control the aircraft; Gael is gathering flight hours and logging them into his pilot’s log.

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Venture Student Excels in Taekwondo

September 23, 2021

Robert Roberts-Handfield, 13, is a Springs Venture Online 8th grader seeking to earn a world title in Taekwondo. He noted that he has autism, and that “I’m lucky my parents found out about Springs for me because it has helped me to get more one-on-one help with my work from my family, and it gives me more time to practice and compete in ATA Taekwondo.”

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Individualized Learning Programs Begin

August 24, 2021

Many of Springs’ Nation students began their schooling journey in one of Springs Individualized Learning Programs, reported Senior Director Tammy Jackson. Homeschool families have options to meet families in person or virtually. She said, “KEYS students and students enrolled in Learning Center classes have ventured back to our sites and are enjoying seeing their friends and teachers.

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Venture Launches Webinars to Encourage Students

January 4, 2021

Springs Venture Online program is holding monthly webinars to stay connected with and give encouragement to students after staff reached out to families to ask what they wanted to be addressed in the webinar. Graduate Elle Martin (pictured) joined a recent online gathering, talking about her time with the school and her experiences horseback riding. 

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