News and Announcements

Cherry Valley Homeschool Cooperative Events

February 18, 2020

Springs’ Cherry Valley Homeschool Cooperative will hold its annual Career Fair on March 26, featuring presentations by members of the community who visit the school and talk about their professions. Students have the opportunity to ask participants questions which can help them discern what career paths they might like to take. Continue reading

ORAA Students Achieve Math, iReady Lesson Success

January 27, 2020

Special recognition was given to teacher Charles Coomber’s 7th-grade class at Springs’ Otay Ranch Academy for the Arts (ORAA) for reaching the highest ST Math completion rate in the school (73% when the current goal is 51%). They were also nominated as the kindest class in the school because of the care they give their 1st/2nd grade buddy class. Continue reading

Homeschool 7th Grader is a Gifted Violinist

January 21, 2020

Homeschool 7th-grade student Elliott Dahl is a gifted young violinist. He has been playing since age 6, and performs with the Temecula Conservatory of Music orchestra. He likes both classical and contemporary music; his favorite piece is Vivaldi Summer because of its fast pace. Continue reading

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