Homeschool 8th Grader Receives Scholarship

Jedidiah McClimans, an 8th grade student with the Springs Homeschool program who lives in Riverside, has received a Caroline D. Bradley Scholarship. He was one of 27 gifted students who were awarded this fully funded, four-year high school scholarship from The Institute for Educational Advancement.

To secure the scholarship, he made a video showcasing his work on a smart room that programs lighting, feeds his fish and uses voice commands.  He also completed the Institute’s questionnaire, built a website to showcase his coding skills, and wrote a personal reflection essay.

This funding is available to pay tuition at a four-year high school of his choosing. Currently, he plans to continue with Homeschool through Springs for 9th grade and use it on various high-level online courses through programs including Blue Tent, online G3, and other platforms for gifted students.  Through applying for this scholarship, Jedi shared that it “definitely helped me realize who I am as a person and grow in that.”

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