Perfect CAASPP Score, New Chess Club

Keys senior Reginald Carr was recognized for his perfect score on the CAASPP math test at the March meeting of the River Springs Governing Board. He has received a perfect score on all math tests and one English test since he was with Springs beginning in 6th grade.

Superintendent Kathleen Hermsmeyer noted how difficult it is to obtain a perfect CAASPP score because the questions get harder as the student progresses through the test. Carla Carr, Reginald’s mother, added that he was still considering his plans for the future. He intends to major in math in college and may become a math teacher. His other interests include soccer and competing in Rubik’s Cube competitions. Carla noted, “On average, it takes him less than 15 seconds to solve one.”

In other news, Keys, Arrow, and HS Learning Center Enterprise have begun a chess club led by instructional aide Hillary Hurd and math teacher Ruben Antilla.

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