Journey Sophomore Hopes to Become Well-Known Artist

Mia Brijandez is 10th grader in the Journey Homeschool High School program who is a “phenomenal” student, reported her ES Summer Knapp. She has a 4.39 GPA and has dual enrollment classes despite being a sophomore. She is also a gifted artist and hopes “to become a well-known artist one day and make people feel deep emotions through my creations.”

Mia said her favorite genre of art is surrealism and pointed to the work of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo as the first to introduce her to it. She said, “I feel connected to surrealism because it challenges the normal, which is my goal. I paint what I know, which comes from my life experiences, grief, mental illness, and love. When I paint, I reveal things that I had not noticed about myself. When I look at a photo of a person or hear a song, my brain begins constructing a painting. Suddenly, all the pieces fall into place.”

Mia said her family inspires her work, in particular her grandmother Sofia.  She said, “For this reason, I make sure to include purple in my paintings. Another recurring image is the moon, an inside joke I had with her.”

In other Journey news, senior Ava Alberts was named a student of the month; Ava will have completed more than 100 extra units, including college units when she graduates. She has maintained a 4.25 GPA and has been a “trailblazer” in the first year of the Springs pre-apprenticeship program which helps prepare students for entry into formal apprenticeship training.

And, in March, Journey and Venture High School students joined together for a Bowlero Bowling field trip in Murrieta.

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