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IGNITE! Back to School Conference 2021

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Great Scott Springs Families!

It’s time to get in your DeLorean Time Machine, accelerate to 88 mph, and fly to our 18th Annual Springs Charter Schools IGNITE! Conference on Tuesday, August 17, 2021.  This year “Getting Back is Only the Beginning”! 

We are excited to announce that our engaging and inspiring keynote speaker will be Debbie Silver. As an educator and parent, she capitalizes on her own experiences as well as extensive research about motivation and learning to bring you advice that is engaging, enlightening, and extraordinarily useful. Her candid observations and hilarious wit have made her a favorite among parents around the world. Debbie’s mission is to remind parents of how important they are in the lives of their children, detailing both learning theory and tools for communication.

Ms. Silver will host a live Keynote address online and two live break-out sessions!

If my calculations are correct, August 17th will be the perfect time to gather the 1.2 gigawatts necessary to inspire and energize you for the year to come. Our IGNITE! Conference is an opportunity for you and your fellow parents to get BACK to education in a better way by evaluating what pre-pandemic practices we want to keep and which ones to kick to the curb.  

Our conference will be held online with live sessions and an abundance of pre-recorded learning experience options. Registered participants will have access to our live sessions the day of the event and will be able to interact with our presenters in real-time! You’ll receive information about all of our amazing breakout sessions in August prior to the event. In addition, the first 500 participants that register will receive a Springs “Getting Back Box” in the mail prior to the event.


Our IGNITE! Parent Conference is going BACK to the Future this year by getting BACK to PLAY.  Find out how parent educators can hone their skills while building social-emotional resilience in their children through play.

Why PLAY is Plutonium to Power Learning

  1. FUN FOCUSES learners on the objective quicker than any other learning method.
  2. GAMES ACCELERATE LEARNING by igniting multiple brain pathways and modalities.
  3. PLAY BUILDS INTERACTIVE PROBLEM SOLVING which is a very important social skill for life.
  4. PLAY DEVELOPS THE 3 “C”s: These important life skills include the ability to  Communicate effectively, increase Confidence and think Creatively.
  5. GAMES REDUCE STRESS: Resuming in-person activities will be a stressful transition for many kids (and parents!)  Fun and games provide endorphins and serotonin to aid optimal learning.

Looking forward to BIG FUN with you in August! Until then, make like trees and get out of here!


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Kathleen Hermsmeyer, Ed.D.




My favorite subject in school is Math, because there is more than one way to get the right answer.

- Jada B., Student
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