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IGNITE! Back to School Conference 2020

Dear Springs Families,

It was my pleasure to have you attend the 17th Annual Springs Charter Schools Parent IGNITE! Conference on Friday, August 21, 2020.  We were excited to welcome our keynote speaker, Susan Wise Bauer. Ms. Bauer is the author of The Well-Trained Mind: A Guide to Classical Education at Home and is the publisher and editor-in-chief of Well-Trained Mind Press, that publishes K12 resources for teaching in the classical tradition.

This year we are Calling All Heroes!  We delight in offering this annual kick-off conference to all parents to inspire you and encourage you to hone the “hero skills” you have developed these last months during COVID-19!  Our conference was held online for the first time and featured live sessions with an abundance of pre-recorded learning experience options.

Since it was online, we are able to provide links to all the great content if you were not able to attend the event live, would like to refresh yourself on the content, or have joined the #SpringsNation recently.

Our IGNITE! Parent Conference focuses on how parent educators can not just survive raising and educating their children, but thrive and become life-long learners themselves. Our Calling All Heroes theme this year is designed to support you in your superhero journey!

Five Superhero Powers We Hope You’ll Gain while watching the Conference

  1. The magic pixie dust to accelerate learning at any age
  2. The ability to leap over any equation in a single bound
  3. The mighty mindfulness and how it empowers your parenting
  4. Battle strategies for vanquishing educational villains
  5. Super Strength for lifting your homeschool train Back on the tracks

Our IGNITE! Conference is an opportunity for you to find “truth, justice and the Springs Way,” including resources and ideas for the upcoming year.   Our goal is to create a “Justice Hall ” full of “wonder parents” ready to go “up, up in the air” with their kids.

Click below to access the conference website, watch the main session, view the breakout sessions, and access all the amazing material our staff has curated to support you this year. 
Always remember what Superman says, “A true hero isn’t measured by his strength but by the size of his heart.”

Kathleen Hermsmeyer, Ed.D.




The elective classes are great, and my child looks forward to them every week. It truly is a partnership in my child’s education.

- Arlene M., Parent
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