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Required Documents

Below is a checklist of the documents that are required for each student in order to complete registration, after receiving enrollment confirmation:

Birth Verification
(Choose one)

Copy of Birth Certificate
Baptismal Certificate
Hospital Certificate
Valid Immunization Record
(Choose one)
Copy of up-to-date, complete Immunization Records
Temporary Medical Exemption
Permanent Medical Exemption
Parent Guide to Immunization Law

Immunizations Required for 7th Grade

Proof of Residency
Copy of One Proof of Residency:

Documents must be
1) dated within the last 6 months,
2) must show the parent/guardian name,
3) current physical address.

This document may include:
Utility bill,
Cable bill,
Telephone bill,
Property tax statement,
Rental/lease agreement (Please include all pages.)
Welfare documents from DPS or Social Security documents (we cannot accept a Social Security card).
Bank statement or credit card statement

Health Exam
(KN and 1st grade only)
Report of Health Examination Form required for Kindergarten and First-grade students. 

PLEASE NOTE: For Kindergarten and First Grade applications requiring a health exam, the health examination cannot be given more than 6 months before the start of Kindergarten. 

Health Examination Form (English and Spanish)

Health Examination Waiver (English and Spanish)

Oral Assessment
(KN and 1st grade only)
Oral Health Assessment required for Kindergarten and First-grade students.
Oral Health Assessment (English and Spanish)Oral Health Assessment Waiver (Section 3 English and Spanish)

Recommended Documents

Below is a checklist of the documents that are recommended (if applicable) for each student to provide after Enrollment contacts you to offer a spot in a program:

Most Recent IEP Copy of most recent Individualized Education Plan recommended (for students with a history of Special Education only)
Most Recent 504 plan Copy of most recent 504 Plan recommended (if applicable)
High School Transcripts Copy of High School transcripts (please retain the original for the initial enrollment meeting)

Below are links to additional documents you might require to complete the application process. Please call our Enrollment Department at (951) 252-8888 if you have questions about any of these documents.

Documents should be sent to the Enrollment Department via any of the following options:

Upload Doc Email Mail In-Person
Login here using username and password and look under “Upload Documents” Springs Charter Schools
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Springs offers a state of the art education with teachers that really care and always welcome our support as parents. The number one priority is the students’ well-being and their education.

- Guy & Aretha R., Parents
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