Six Lead Homeschool in New School Year

With the increasing number of students joining Springs homeschool programs, Senior Director Tammy Jackson reported, “We are excited to share that this year’s leadership team comprises six homeschool leaders.” The six include: Nancy BranchaudRebecca FabozziRenee HansonJacquelyn HunterApril Jacoby, and Lori Loucks.

She noted that Springs serves nearly 3,000 Homeschool students who live throughout the Southland. Tammy continued, “Our leadership team is there to support 120 teachers who are out in the field or based at our regional learning centers. We have an amazing group leading the way, and they’re all set to explore new territories in homeschooling like never before.”

“This dedicated team and their visionary approach inspire us to keep pushing the boundaries in homeschooling, ensuring we provide the best for our students across these diverse areas.”

Springs’ 11 regional learning centers hosted a well-attended “meet and greet” week for homeschool families, Tammy added, with registrations exceeding pre-pandemic levels.  She remarked, “We are so excited to have a fully staffed offering with an abundance of choices for our families.

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