All School Speech Meet Draws 39 Participants

Springs held an All School Speech Meet at the Temecula Event Center. Thirty-nine students participated and 34 speeches were delivered. Its purpose is to help students develop communication skills and techniques to speak audibly, articulately, expressively, and with poise and confidence in audience situations, explained Nikkole McAdoo, Events and Community Engagement Coordinator.

Speech Meet

Participation in public speaking events helps students not only master communications skills and become more independent, she continued but also helps them to gain self-esteem and sharpen their critical thinking and organizational skills. She added, “It was such an inspiring evening of fantastic speeches.”

Staff who supported the event included Michelle Sullivan and Jess McIntyre, who worked with their students on their speeches in their Classical Humanities Learning Center classes, and James Weck from the Bear River Student Center, who worked with his students on speeches in class.

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