Learning Centers Offer Art Classes for Grades 3-8

Learning Center teacher Jennifer Graham teaches a Getting Back to ART! class for grades 3-8 at Springs’ Enterprise and Otay Ranch Learning Centers. She said, “I love having the kids back in class. We have access to a variety of mediums, and it’s much more fun for the kids to experience art alongside their classmates.”

In a recent lesson, the students learned about the Inca civilization. The Inca’s highly decorative textiles symbolized both wealth and status. Fine cloth was used as both a tax and currency and the very best textiles became the most prized possessions even more precious than silver and gold.

The students used Inca textile designs as inspiration to learn about lines, contrast and patterns to make their artwork stand out. They learned how to choose colors of yarns that made their designs “pop.”

Cole Plancich shared that he enjoyed working on his Inca yarn design because it was multi-media artwork inspired by the Cuban artist, Amelia Pelaez. The lesson and project honored Hispanic Heritage Month. After learning about the artist, the students created a piece in the style of Pelaez focusing on cool and warm colors, overlapping and decorative design.

Art classes are taught at all of Springs’ TK-8 Learning Centers and students may join at any time. Go to Bookmart to sign up for a class. Budding artists of all ages are welcome!

Getting Back to ART! Getting Back to ART!
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