Journey Senior Honored

Grace Dwinnell of Springs Journey Homeschool High School was honored as a Murrieta Chamber Commerce Senior of the Month.  She has been a Springs student since Kindergarten, and has maintained a 3.98 GPA.

Grace notes that one of her significant challenges is that she has battled a life-threatening rare genetic disorder since a young age and experiences seizures.  She noted, “Various days I have learned a new subject or just general classwork and if I had a seizure I’d forget it.  I’ve learned how to tell time on a normal clock about 12 times or more year after year and I’ve yet to understand it.”

Among her academic accomplishments, by the time she graduates, she will have completed CTE pathways in both game design and cyber security.  She plans to attend Mt. San Jacinto College and study cyber security.  She hopes one day to work for a computer or website company.

Photograph:  Grace with her mother Chris and ES Summer Knapp


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