FAPA Prepares Students for Aviation Careers

Juniors Brian Shaffer and Connor Miller, both Aviation 3 students at Springs’ Flabob Airport Preparatory Academy (FAPA), are preparing for their future careers in aviation.  FAPA provides four full courses for aspiring aviators to learn the concepts, science, history, and regulations needed to be successful pilots or drone operators. 

Brian, who is preparing for his first solo cross-country flight, has already completed several flight hours with an instructor.  Connor, who recently passed the private pilot written exam, began his flight training at Flabob Airport. FAPA’s location at the airport means that Connor can conduct training early in the morning and still be on time to class. 

Brian, who flies closer to home at French Valley Airport in the Temecula Valley, relies on the flexibility provided by Springs.  Between flying and working his job at a local restaurant, Brian completes his schoolwork from home and communicates with his teachers weekly via phone, video, and email. 

Connor also credits his success to the flexibility provided by the program. “The flexibility helps with aviation because I can complete my assignments at my own pace,” Connor stated while he logged time on one of the school’s flight simulators.

Younger Aviation 1 students build model aircraft and tour a working airport during their first month of high school, with hands-on examination of aircraft, engines and other equipment planned later this year, just a few minutes’ walk from their classroom. The FAPA staff looks forward to expanding access to aviation training and careers for interested students for years to come.

FAPA Aviation Career FAPA Aviation Career
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