CTE students create an “Emotional Toolbox”

The CTE Family and Human Services pathway, taught by Angela Caceres, is a wonderful opportunity for students interested in exploring careers in helping and serving others in social work, mental health, child care, and other professions in that arena.

The “Emotional Toolbox” concept was a collaboration between Magnolia students, Kayla Tamayo (10th grade), Luques De Sanchez (11th grade), and Destiny Daniels (12th grade). The foundation course in the pathway is Human Development, where students learn about the stages throughout the lifespan from a sociological, psychological and biological perspective. Students recently studied standard, D5.3, “Develop ways to enhance the social and emotional health of individuals and families, ” and after brainstorming on all the ways to promote the concept, they recognized the ideas were all tools and what better way to demonstrate those than to build a toolbox! This innovative and solution-based approach promotes the social and emotional health of humans. Each student offered their own perspective and presented their idea backing it up with research and in some cases, personal experience. The students were enthusiastic about this project, and they are particularly passionate about making a significant impact on the social and emotional health of our communities as future Human Services professionals.

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