8th Grade Venture Online Student is a Dedicated Equestrian

Chloe Hardgrave, an 8th-grade student with Venture Online, participates in competitive sport horseback riding. She has been riding horses for nine years, and is a member of the United States Pony Club and is a Junior High United States Equestrian letterman.

Chloe trains and travels to competitions frequently, so Venture Online gives her the flexibility she needs with school. If not for Venture Online, she said, “I would not get to train and be at the barn as much as I would like to.”

In addition to riding, she likes to write. She said, “My teacher at Venture Online has helped me so much with improving my writing skills.”

Her goals include majoring in English and becoming an Olympic gold medalist. She concluded, “I cannot wait for what is ahead of me, and I cannot wait to go into high school and college, feeling confident through Venture Online.”

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