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Current Vendor Frequently Asked Questions

I am a service vendor and need to know how I get paid.

Once a purchase order is received and all lessons are completed, fill in the invoice attendance sheet with the vendor information, a unique invoice number, dates of attendance, student name, purchase order number, and amount. Send the invoice attendance sheet, along with a signed copy of the PO, to the Accounts Payable Department.

Springs Charter Schools
Attn: Accounts Payable
27740 Jefferson Avenue
Temecula, CA 92590

I am a materials vendor and I need to know how I get paid.

Once a purchase order is received and materials are sent, send an invoice to the Accounts Payable Department. Without a current invoice, no payment will be rendered. Send all invoices to:

Springs Charter Schools
27740 Jefferson Avenue
Temecula, CA 92590
Attention: Accounts Payable

I sent in an invoice and have not received payment.

All invoices from vendors are paid on “net 30” terms as referenced in our vendor agreements.  Please send all invoices with supporting POs as soon as possible after services are rendered. Send invoices to Springs Charter Schools, 27740 Jefferson Avenue, Temecula, CA 92590.  For questions about payment of invoices, please contact our Accounts Payable Department at 951-252-8823 or email accounts.payable@springscs.org.

I have not received a purchase order for my student(s).

No vendor should provide any service or materials to any Springs charter Schools student without having a copy of a current purchase order. Springs Charter Schools is only obligated to pay for classes/materials after a purchase order has been processed and sent. If you feel that a purchase order is misplaced, please contact our Vendor Relations Department at 951-252-8852.

What if some of the items on the purchase order are not available?

Springs Charter Schools does not accept back orders. Please cancel the items in your ordering system and state “cancelled” on the packing slip. The Springs staff member that originally ordered the materials can re-order them at a later date.

I need to inform Springs Charter Schools that my contact information has changed.

Please email any new contact information to vendor.relations@springscs.org.  Be sure to include your company name, mailing address, phone number and website address.

When is Springs Charter Schools responsible to pay for services/materials?

Springs Charter Schools is only responsible for payment once a purchase order has been received by the vendor.  Springs will not pay for any services/materials without a purchase order dated on or before the first class or shipment.  We can also only pay for services/materials that are explicitly stated on the purchase order. For example, if a student has taken classes in November and December, but the purchase order only covers the cost of the November courses, then Springs charter Schools will not pay for the December services. You will need to get payment from the student’s guardian.

I do not want to remain as a vendor with Springs Charter Schools.

Please contact vendor.relations@springscs.org with your vendor name, address and telephone number.  Also state why you would like to no longer be a vendor with us.  Unless there are extreme circumstances, all purchase orders must be fulfilled. Once all purchase orders are received by our staff we will remove you as a vendor.

I have received a purchase order, but I have questions regarding the items listed.

Please contact our Purchasing Department at 951-225-7775 or purchasing@springscs.org.


What I love the most about attending Springs Charter Schools is the kind-hearted teachers and the project based learning.

- Cosimo S., Student
High School
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