June e-Newsletter


I’m pleased to report that on May 9th, the Riverside County Board of Education voted unanimously to renew River Springs Charter School (RSCS) for another 5 years! Every five years charter schools are required to be renewed by their sponsors; the process takes several months in which data is reviewed and evidence presented. My thanks to all those who were involved in the process, including the Riverside County Board of Education, as well as all the talented staff of RSCS who make the school an ongoing success.

And, our Springs Renaissance Real World Academy for grades 9-12 held #getREALCON, its third annual CTE conference, on May 17. Students had the opportunity to participate in five workshops offered by CTE and Internship teachers with the intention of putting into practice aspects of the real world in a fun and informative way. Students were exposed to a wide array of practical skills, such as basic first aid, auto mechanics, making a budget, how to offer good customer service, being successful in a multi-generational workplace, how to prepare for a job interview, issues related to social media and knowing your Emotional Quotient and its importance.

The event was a hit with our students. Sara Leonard, a junior from the Temecula Student Center, said, “I really enjoyed the Medic! workshop. I learned a lot of information and it didn’t feel like I was being lectured.”
Katie Trochowski, a senior from the Temecula Student Center, said, “The workshop about knowing my Emotional Quotient was my favorite because it helped me face my fear of speaking in front of others.”
Regarding the advice given during the workshop On The Road Again, William Forbes, a sophomore from the Magnolia Student Center, said, “Cars are cool! I like that [I learned] how to check the car before you go on a road trip.”

Also, we were pleased to welcome back Springs alumna Michellah Thompson, who is completing her first year studying fashion at Palomar Community College. A professor asked her to return to Springs as an ambassador for the school. #getREALCON was her first table-talk event, and she enjoyed sharing her experiences with Springs students and providing them with information about post-secondary options.
As our summer break begins, I’d like to thank all our students and parents for making Springs their public charter school of choice. To our graduating seniors, we wish you the very best as you head off to your colleges and careers. To our other students and their families, we hope you have a very nice summer, and look forward to seeing you back with us again this fall!



Dr. Kathleen Hermsmeyer


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