Venture Teen Excels at Golf

Kalita Laparojkit of the Venture Online Program is an accomplished golfer. The 9th grade Montebello resident joined the program in 2016.
She said, “In all honesty, golf is a difficult sport. It requires high mental ability. No course is the same. If you’re even one-degree angle off of the target, it can end up in the hazard. That costs you either a 1 or 2 stroke penalty.” Her passion for the sport began three years ago when her father, Jarukitt, began taking her and her brother to the golf course driving ranges. She now plays nearly every day, including in tournaments in different parts of the country, and is on the waiting list for Future Champions Golf, which specializes in the development of junior golfers.
A key to success, she said, is “A LOT of practice.” And, she continued, “I like to keep this in mind: patience is the key to success.” She’s grateful that the Venture program has allowed her more time for golf. Her other interests include reading, playing the piano and ukulele, and writing.


(Kalita is in the middle)

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