Venture Student Excels in Taekwondo

Robert Roberts-Handfield, 13, is a Springs Venture Online 8th grader seeking to earn a world title in Taekwondo. He noted that he has autism, and that “I’m lucky my parents found out about Springs for me because it has helped me to get more one-on-one help with my work from my family, and it gives me more time to practice and compete in ATA Taekwondo.”

Robert is a first-degree black belt in ATA Taekwondo and a leadership student at Giordano’s ATA Martial Arts (owner Jared Giordano is a Springs alumni). Robert trains up to six days a week, and travels extensively for tournaments. He is seeking to earn his “red letters.” He explained that when he wins a world title “they put that title and your name in red letters on your ATA Taekwondo uniform.”

Robert describes Taekwondo as “the best thing in my life so far.” He’s grateful for the freedom being part of Venture offers, as it enables him to pursue martial arts, and noted that being a Venture student has helped him “blossom.” He continued, “ Each day the teachers work with me, the school works with me and everyone is there to help and support me.”

Robert Roberts-Hanfield

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