Venture Sisters Serve as Background Talent for Television Programs

Venture Online students Adalyn and Alayah Carter work as background talent for television programs. At age four, their mother signed them with Kids! Management, which describes itself as “the premiere background management company in Hollywood focused on coordinating the needs of casting directors [of minor children to] work on set as background talent for the entertainment industry.”

They were first cast for the television series “The Mindy Project.” They recalled, “When we got the call to go, the director said we could both come since we were so young they didn’t know if one of us would be too shy. We got dressed in the same outfit and they asked us to sit on the couch and hold a little boy’s hand, then look at the boy and back to the TV we were pretending to watch. Mom told us that Adalyn was shy and that Alayah was able to do the scene. But we both got paid!”

They continued to be booked as background talent for shows; the best were shows in a park where “we just played all day and got paid.”

Their favorite program so far has been the television series “Abbott Elementary.” They also enjoyed being part of a period program where “we wore clothes and shoes from the 1950s.”

They are hoping to soon transition to speaking parts in shows.

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