Venture Online Student is Competitive Dancer

Rylee Clark, age 14, is a 9th grade Venture Online student who is also a competitive dancer. The Murrieta resident began dancing at age 3.

She said, “I took a dance class when I was little and loved it immediately. I haven’t stopped since then.” She rehearses her dance routines up to 20 hours per week. She has earned scholarships for dance conventions, her solos place in the top 10, and she was recently selected out of 1,000 applicants for a live audition to earn a college scholarship with Spotlight Academy.

Venture Online has worked well for her. She said, “I love the program. It has allowed me to continue to pursue my passion for dance with less stress.” She continued, “I am so grateful that I have such an amazing opportunity and that I have a program that is helping me get closer to my future goals.”

Other interests include going to Disneyland and spending time with friends and family; she noted that she was the oldest sibling in her family, with four younger brothers.

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