Venture 2nd Grader Enjoys Riding Horses

Mylabelle Miller, a 2nd grade student with Springs’ Venture Online Program, is becoming an accomplished equestrian.  She rides with the Norco Equestrian Academy (NEA) and has come to enjoy horsemanship, riding, and the companionship of the horses.  She has joined the NEA Gymkhana Team, in which participants learn to guide their horses through different patterns and receive points based on speed and accuracy.

In a September show, she placed 4th in a pattern called speedball where she raced her horse to a cone, placed a golf ball, and raced back. Her Gymkhana pony, Sassy — a.k.a. Sassy Pants — is the best part of Mylabelle’s experience because she gets to bond and care for the horse.  Being in the Venture program, which she has been part of since kindergarten, has allowed Mylabelle to be part of the riding community because of the freedom she has in her schedule.  She thrives being able to be in nature as she completes her academics.

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