Teen’s YouTube Channel Features Doll Stopmotion, Excels in Journey Program

Audrey Ramirez, a 9th grade student with Springs’ Journey Homeschool High School program, makes videos with her younger sister, Gabby, who is in the 7th grade, for their YouTube channel, Applepiedolls. The videos feature stopmotion activities in the lives of their American Girl dolls. Click here to view the videos.

Audrey is a “positive light” who “is always positive and motivates others with her determination and caring nature,” says instructional aide Stefanie Nusom, and is “caring and positive” when interacting with other students in SOS (live subject–specific seminars). She is an active participant in discussions, and “is an asset to our community.”

Audrey took first place in the Journey winter card-making contest, Stefanie continued, and in her school work makes the projects she envisions “come to life.” Stefanie added, “She loves being able to personalize her learning journey. Audrey continues to make her work unique and tailored to her style. She utilizes her stop animation skills for mastery assignments and is using her special talent to accomplish her academic goals.”

Applepie Dolls


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