Rancho Cucamonga Learning Center 8th Grader has Perfect Score on CAASPP Testing Two Years in a Row

Reginald Carr, 14, of Fontana, who has just completed the 8th grade with Springs’ Rancho Cucamonga Learning Center’s Discovery Program, for two years in a row earned perfect CAASPP scores in language arts and mathematics.  He said, “I am proud of this accomplishment. I feel that staying consistent with my studies throughout the school year helped me achieve this success.”

Reginald came to Springs after realizing by the 5th grade that traditional public school wasn’t the best option for him.  He said, “The curriculum at Springs fit my learning style better.  The personalized learning of the Discovery Program allowed me to work ahead in the subjects at which I excel.”

He plans to participate in the KEYS program at the Rancho Cucamonga Learning Center for 9th grade.  Future plans he’s considering include studying mathematics and being an athlete, most likely playing soccer.  He likes sports, video games, video-editing and solving “twisty puzzles” (e.g. Rubik’s cubes).  He also likes traveling by airplane, road trips and “local adventures.”

Reginald delivered the 8th grade promotional speech for the Rancho Cucamonga Learning Center.  Click here to listen.

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