Programs Forge Strong Relationship with Students

A major component and source of pride among the Keys College and Career Prep, Arrow High School and Springs Learning Center High School programs is the ability to forge strong relationships with students, create environments where they can socialize safely, make new friends, take appropriate risks in their learning and celebrate their successes, reported Principal Jennifer Martin.

She continued, “As we’ve reached the halfway mark of the school year it’s time we do a bit of the same. ”Students are demonstrating their ability to look out for one another as noted in one teacher’s example of students who predominantly keep to themselves stepping out of their comfort zone and warmly welcoming in new students and bringing them into small groups demonstrating how to collaborate, learn and “put themselves out there in new ways,” she said. “This teacher was so proud!”

Another example is a student struggling with mathematical concepts who played chess with a new math teacher during the break. The teacher used this opportunity to build a connection and show the student that the teacher is someone he can count on.

Jennifer said, “All of our students can celebrate when they’ve mastered a concept and assignment by either ringing a bell or hitting a gong, where all students pause and clap and celebrate. Students can also find a place to connect and feel inspired by perusing a brag wall of student accomplishments, college acceptance, and extracurricular activities.”

She noted that celebrating the successes of students and what the teachers and staff on campuses provide “certainly brings a smile to our faces and joy to our hearts. Hats off to this team that is making a difference in the lives of students, personally, socially and academically.”

Winter Formal Dance

A student committee from the Pathfinder Resource Center hosted a Winter Formal dance for 25 Keys College and Career Prep, Arrow High School and High School Learning Center students on January 19.  Jennifer extended her thanks to Jaden AldridgeKaden StantonMaggie Dearing and Bella Cueto for their leadership, Janan Willes for being the Admin on site for the evening, Mia MahoneyShana DialloTerri MayHillary Hurd and Sterling Carr for chaperoning the evening and to the Pathfinder staff for their hospitality.

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