Homeschool Student Honored by Johns Hopkins Center of Talented Youth

Homeschool student Collin Jun has received an award from the Johns Hopkins Center of Talented Youth for his academic excellence at a young age. Collin, 13, is in high school and is scheduled to graduate from Springs in June 2018. He is currently applying for admission to top STEM colleges, where he hopes to study math, physics, and robotics.

Collin Jun Award at Empire Board Meeting

His former ES, Laura Schlabach, said, “Collin has an understanding in math and science that I had not yet had the opportunity to be around. It’s contagious; I could see the passion in his eyes as he attempted to explain his math work to me.”

Collin entered Springs as a 2nd grader in the Homeschool program and has since skipped grades along the way. Ms. Schlabach said, “He remained humble in his attitude, diligent in his work and compassionate to those around him. He has succeeded in every class that he has taken, and stretched far beyond his comfort zone. At the same time, he still took time to just be a kid.”

Collin’s mother, Jina Jun, said her family is “lucky” that Collin and her other children have been able to attend Springs, and added, “The self-oriented curriculum helped Collin to advance according to his own academic ability.”

Collin’s other interests include Nintendo, violin, swimming and robot modeling. He is also a black belt in Taekwondo, and is helping his master with little children. He also spends a lot of his free time helping with other students’ homework in as Moderator.

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