Homeschool Student Exhibits at County Science Fair

Springs 8th grade Homeschool student Gwyneth Mcintyre, 13, will exhibit her award-winning research project at the Riverside County Office of Education’s Virtual Science and Engineering Fair Expo 2020 event on September 26, 2020.  Her project explored what type of toothpaste would protect her teeth best.

She explained, “I recently got braces and wanted to make sure I was using the best protection, but I also like to use non-toxic products, so I wanted to find a protective natural toothpaste.  I tested various brands on eggshells soaked in vinegar because that was a close match to teeth with food wear and tear.”

She said participating in the science fair has been an “amazing” as well as an enjoyable learning experience, and noted that it gave her the opportunity to participate in an online competition, Broadcom MASTERS, as well.

Gwyneth has been a Springs student since kindergarten and attends the Riverside Student Center one day a week.  When she finishes school, she is considering being an American Sign Language interpreter or a chef.  She explained, “The science of food interests me, and I love spending time with the deaf community.”

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