Homeschool 7th Grader Takes 1st in Science Competition

Homeschool 7th-grade student Gwyneth McIntyre, 12, earned a 1st place award and was designated as a Broadcom Masters Nominee at the Riverside County Science and Engineering Fair held in March. Her project, Terrible or Terrific Toothpaste? examined which toothpastes caused the least tooth decay. Gwyneth was one of 450 students participating; she participated in the Health and Biomedical Sciences category.

The Riverside resident will go on to compete in a state science fair in April; her designation as a Broadcom Masters Nominee indicates that she was in the top 10% of students participating, and she may be selected to attend a Washington, D.C. event.

Gwyneth has been a Springs Homeschool student since kindergarten. Her interests include American Sign Language and theater. She plans on becoming an American Sign Language interpreter when she finishes school.

Photo of Gwyneth McIntyre

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