Bear River Student Plans Future in Art

Chuka Rellias, 11, is a 6th-grade student at Springs’ Bear River Student Center who loves art and hopes to make a career of it. He said, “I am passionate about drawing and I can spend hours drawing cartoons and anime.”

The Menifee resident plans on attending art school, and working for Cartoon Network as a cartoonist and creator of shows.  He’s also thinking about starting his own company creating art, comic work, and gaming.

Springs has been a good fit for Chuka, he said, “because of the excellent quality of education that it offers. I love the Bear River Student Center because it is a great school and I have been learning so much there. It also has the best teachers and staff. They encourage me to develop different sides of me both in my schoolwork and as a person.”

He’s enjoyed his education there, and said his electives “are fun and our teachers make the learning fun and informative.”  He especially likes typing, legos, and medical science.  He noted, “Learning about the human body and how it works is amazing.”

Other hobbies include soccer, gaming, martial arts swords, and stick fight training.

He notes that his mother is from West Africa.  He said, “Learning about these different worlds and cultures that make up my lineage continue to help me understand some of the things that make us different but also the same.”

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