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Speech Meet

The purpose of the speech meet is to help students in grades 4 – 12 develop communication skills and techniques to speak audibly, articulately, expressively, and with poise and confidence in audience situations. 

Step 1: Complete the registration form so we can communicate the details of the program and get an idea of how many students are interested in participating.
Step 2: Send a recording of your speech to Jennifer Walker by February 11. Send via email to and include your name, grade, and speech category. You will receive feedback on your speech from our judges.
The top speeches in each category will advance to the final event where you will give your speech live via Zoom!

The four categories of competition are:

Poetry/Monologue Description – Students will choose a poem of 20 lines or more or a 2-3 minute monologue, memorize the selection, and recite the poem or monologue from memory.  If a poem is selected, a brief biography of 4-6 sentences about the poet should accompany the poem. Speakers should have good eye contact, good volume, interesting vocal variety, and be able to answer questions about the selection if asked.

Poetry/Monologue Rubric

Meaningful Personal Object Speech Description – Students will choose a meaningful personal object (no live animals please) and write and deliver a speech to describe the object, tell where they got the object, and why it is meaningful to them.  Speakers should introduce themselves, show the object, and give a conclusion to the speech.

Meaningful Personal Object Speech Outline

Meaningful Personal Object Speech Rubric

Depth of Knowledge Speech Information – Students will present a speech on a researched topic of their choice following the MLA outline format given in a way that incorporates significant eye contact, natural gestures, interesting vocal variety, effective visual aids, and clear organization of your topic

Depth of Knowledge Speech Outline

Depth of Knowledge Rubric


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