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California Junior Scholarship Federation

What is CJSF?
CJSF is a statewide organization that honors academically excellent students in junior high and high school (CSF).

What are the benefits of membership?
Students will find that being a member of CJSF allows them to be in a group of students who are also academically successful. Students will be able to participate in activities that help the community as well. Honor members will receive special awards in their 8th-grade year for their hard work and all students will receive membership cards.

Becoming an honor member in middle school gives students an advantage when entering high school. Honor members are able to enter CSF as a new freshman before other students can enter. This is based on the work they did in middle school. In order to gain a lifetime membership in CSF (recognized nationally and looks great on college applications) students must be a CSF member 4 of 8 semesters of high school. There are also opportunities for scholarships and community service at the high school level.

How do I join?
Anyone is eligible to apply for CJSF! Application periods open up after the end of each semester.

Application Deadlines

Fall semester applications are due no later than Friday, September 21, 2018 (i.e. 9/28/18 – Using only classes/grades from Spring 2018 to qualify)

Spring semester applications are due no later than Friday, February 22, 2019 (Using only classes/grades from Fall 2018 to qualify)

Students can email chapter adviser Colette Bozek, for an application or print one off this website. They can return the applications to our Pupil Services office (27740 Jefferson Avenue, Temecula, CA 92591) Applications may also be submitted by e-mail to Please remember that due dates are final. There will be no acceptance of late applications. Applications are due by midnight on the due date.

Complete the online application here.


  • I submitted my application…does that mean I am automatically a member?
    Unfortunately, no. The state organization has a rigorous point system for membership based purely on the letter grades of the student. The adviser will review your application and your point total will decide if you become a member or not.
  • I applied but I haven’t heard anything yet…
    Please contact the CJSF adviser at
  • I have A’s and B’s, but I didn’t qualify for membership. Why?
    Membership is based on points, if you have more B’s than A’s you might not have enough points. If your A’s are in classes like P.E or Teacher Assistant then we cannot count them. Do your best each trimester to earn the most outstanding grades you can! If you have any pluses (B+, C+) ask your teacher what you can do to get them up to the next grade level! Don’t give up!
  • Why do we have to apply each semester?
    We apply each semester because grades change. We want to make sure you still qualify.
  • How do I get awarded at 8th-grade promotion?
    Students receive awards at awards night because they have become an honor member. An honor member is a student who qualified for membership in two trimesters of their 7th-grade year and two trimesters of their 8th-grade year. These students have obviously shown how outstanding they are and therefore we award them! If you are a new 7th grader this seems very far away, but do your best each trimester to maintain membership.
  • Why don’t you accept late applications?
    In the laws of the state organization of CJSF, it specifically states that late applications may not be accepted. Chapters that do so can lose their membership. Turning applications in on time is part of being in CJSF. Please plan ahead, stay informed, watch the news at school, and don’t forget!
  • I lost my membership card…how can I get a new one?
    Email Mrs. Bozek at

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