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Peter Lundberg

Special Education Teacher


I went to High School at Huntington Beach High School. I then completed my AA Degree at Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa, CA (with coursework in General Education toward a four year degree) and my BA Degree at Judson University in Elgin, IL. My BA Degree is a Liberal Arts Degree with a concentration in Human Institutions (a course of study including Business Administration and History). After my graduation I began a career in business working in sales and marketing positions with companies such as Quaker Oats, Bromar Food Brokerage, Hershey Chocolate USA, and Ganz Brothers Giftware.

After a few successful substitute teaching assignments, I began my second career in the field of Education by attending the University of Redlands in the Basic Teaching Credential Program and University of California Riverside Extension. At Redlands and at UCR Extension I completed the coursework to obtain my CA Clear Multiple Subject Teaching Credential w/CLAD Authorization. I went on to complete coursework with California Baptist University, Chapman University Extension (Palm Desert, CA) and UCR Extension to obtain my Education Specialist Credential Level II along with my Added Authorization in Autism Spectrum Disorders. I have worked in teaching positions in a wide range of educational environments and teaching responsibilities. The districts I have worked for are in San Bernardino and Riverside Counties. I have also worked for a non-public School in Riverside as well as for another charter school in Winchester, CA. I have worked as a general education teacher (in a 2/3 combo classroom & in a 5th grade classroom) I have also worked as a Mild to Moderate SDC Teacher and as a Mild to Moderate RSP Teacher in several districts. I have taught Special Education classes with students from K-High School. However, most of my teaching experience has been in elementary school Mild to Moderate SPED SDC and RSP assignments (grades K-6). In my non-public school assignment I taught High School students as a general education teacher. There, I taught History, Government, and Economics. In my charter school assignment I was employed as a K-12 RSP Teacher for 3 of the 4 years I worked at the school. The other year that I was there I was employed as a K-6 RSP Teacher. In addition, I have substitute teaching experience with the Riverside County Office of Education in SPED Moderate to Severe Assignments as well as in Correctional Education Assignments (such as in Juvenile Hall).

Favorite Hobbies

I enjoy spending time with my family, attending church events, sporting events, and concerts too. My favorite sport by far is baseball. I love to watch, listen, and play the game. I am also a fan of hockey, football, and basketball too. My favorite genres of music are Classic and Progressive Rock and Contemporary Christian. I also enjoy Symphony, Jazz, and Country music too.

I was quite athletic during my growing up years with Track and Field being the sport in which I was most successful. I also enjoyed being a part of Concert Choirs and Chamber Singers groups during my high school and college days.

I enjoy spending time with my wife Mindy, working out at the gym (with Racquetball being our favorite activity there), walking our dogs, and just spending time with her. My wife and I like to watch TV shows, go to the movies, go out to eat, and just hang around together. We try to visit our older son Kyle (who lives in Arizona) as much as possible. We also try to spend time with our younger son Cody (who lives with us) as well. I have worked in Children’s Ministry and am a part of our Men’s Fellowship group at our church too. I have enjoyed photography, skiing. tennis and golf in my life as well.

Favorite Books

I enjoy reading classic books, children’s books, and the newspaper. I try to read inspirational positive literature every day. I have several inspirational thoughts of the day messages come to my e-mail inbox each day. It’s nice to start off the day with a positive thought or two.

Favorite Subject

I always enjoyed Social Studies the most during my growing up years. Courses such as History, Government, and Geography were always my favorite subjects. I really enjoyed Language Arts courses too.

Fun Facts

I once placed 2nd place in the 50 yard dash at the Southern California Track Meet at Cerritos College during my elementary school years.

At Huntington Beach High School, I was the MVP and the Team Captain of the HBHS JV Track Team in successive years.

In Junior College, I traveled with the Orange Coast College Chamber Singers to the National Chorale Director’s Festival in Kansas City, MO.

At Judson University, I traveled with the Judson Choir as we traveled on many choir tours, which included tours to Washington DC as well as Germany and Hungary.

I once worked at Disneyland in the Main Street Food Division and the Main Street (North) Merchandise Divisions. I worked as a Bus Host at Carnation Main Street and in stores such as the Candy Palace, the Market House, and the Magic Shop.

When did you start working with Springs Charter Schools?


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