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Maureen Roye

Director of CITE

Industry Experience:

For the past 13 years I’ve worked for Eagles Peak and then River Springs Charter Schools. Prior to that, I taught both elementary and high school art in San Diego public schools. As a charter school employee, I have worked in different positions with different titles. My experiences include teaching k-12 elective subjects, working with Homeschool families as an Education Specialist, training new Academy teachers, and supporting all SCS programs to include staff, students, and their parents/guardians.

With each experience, I had to learn new systems, policies, and procedures. While some were challenging, I never gave up because I enjoyed learning new things, believed in what I was doing, and genuinely liked the people I worked with and helped. I feel very fortunate to be able to wake up and drive to a place in which I want to be and get paid for it!

Why I believe in CTE:

When a person has a passion and a plan, they are on the right path. Career Technical Education is the best plan for students today because it takes into consideration their passions, allows them to explore academic subjects that help cement (or deter) their ideas, enables them to have real-world working experiences as an intern, and opens the door for higher education possibilities. At the same time, students are taught the (soft) skills today’s employers say are lacking in the new workforce. CTE gives students the power to really see and prepare for what lies beyond high school. CTE truly helps students become career and college ready.


Bachelor of Arts in Art / Single-Subject (Art) / Multiple-Subject
K-12 Art Teacher, 4-6 classroom teacher, Homeschool E.S., Interim Director, Academy Advisor

Favorite Hobbies

Playing Candy Crush

Favorite Books

Wuthering Heights
Harry Potter
Anything by James Michener or J.A. Jance

Favorite Subject

Art History
World History
Women’s Studies

Fun Facts

Shook President Ford’s hand when he visited a military base on which I lived.
Traveled alone to England with only $200 for two weeks.
Became a pescetarian at age 48.
Currently run half marathons every Sunday – come join me in Carlsbad or Del Mar!

When did you start working with Springs Charter Schools?


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