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Kathryn Haas

Occupational Therapist


I have been an OT since 1999 and in the school-setting since 2005. I am certified in various assessments and treatment strategies including the SIPT, Therapeutic Listening, The Alert Program, and S’Cool Moves. I am a life-long learner.

Favorite Hobbies

6-man outrigger canoe racing, hiking, backpacking, fishing, anything in the Alaska wilderness

Favorite Books

Beyond the Bear written by Dan Bigley, a former patient I worked with in Alaska; Poet Maya Angelou; Poet Mary Oliver; True North; Harry Potter series; Garfield Comics

Favorite Subject

Anatomy and Neurobiology

Fun Facts

I lived in Alaska for 12 years where I often skijored in the winter, that is skiing while being pulled by fast sprint-mushing dogs. But I also got to ski behind a reindeer for crowd entertainment at our annual kick-off to the 1,049 mile distance dog mushing race from Anchorage to Nome, called the Fur Rendezvous festival.

When did you start working with Springs Charter Schools?


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