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Justin Moldenhauer


Areas of Expertise:
Business, Sales, Real Estate, Strategic Planning

Managing Partner of Real Estate Café

Volunteer Experience:

Counseling homeowners facing foreclosure


With broad experience as an entrepreneur, Justin currently is the managing Partner of a real estate firm he started in June of 2013 (Real Estate Café) and has been serving clients with real estate needs since 2006. Justin brings a unique perspective to the Empire Springs Board – one in which he understands the pitfalls of an education that alienates youth rather than excites them to their unique call to action. Justin believes Empire Springs’ mission of personalizing learning and fostering the curiosity of every student to be a path for ensuring future success in their chosen vocation.

As a parent of three, Justin is passionate about instilling in his children the importance of education and working hard in spite of life’s challenges. His ability to listen and clearly communicate has allowed him to help people from all walks of life overcome challenges. Justin is a consummate team player who understands the importance of working with a team to resolve issues and plan strategies that work.

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