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Jacqueline Stein

Academy Teacher


I have a B.A. from California State University of Fullerton, in Psychology. While at CSUF, I studied Child Development and Gerontology. Since graduating I have taught classes that range from Kindergarten to Arthritis Aerobics.

Favorite Hobbies

With my free time, I enjoy creating opportunities to build memories with my family. We love to be outdoors, so activities that include biking, walking, parks, beaches, sports and activities for all seasons.

Favorite Books

I can sit down with a wide variety of genres. I am excited to see that ‘The Giver’ has been made into a movie as that was a book I enjoyed as a child.

Favorite Subject

I love to use my imagination; so Art, Reading, Science, and History (History always felt like a story that allowed me to look into the past) have a special spot close to my heart.

Fun Facts

– I enjoy Baking.
– I talk in my sleep.
– I’m from New Jersey.
– Halloween, Christmas, and Hanukah are in a three way tie for my favorite holidays.
– I like to paint.
– I love to travel.
– My favorite part of a meal is usually the sides.
– I am big fan of a Science Fiction Show called “Dr. Who”

When did you start working with Springs Charter Schools?


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