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Gina Corby-Potter



I completed my BS in Elementary Education and Multiple Subject Teaching Credential from Grand Canyon University in 2015. I am currently working on getting my Administrative Service Credential.

Favorite Hobbies

I enjoy spending time with my family anytime I can. We love animals, we have two dogs and three cats. Traveling to the states is something I enjoy. Seeing the historical landmarks and beautiful scenery is fascinating to me.

Favorite Books

I love reading!!! I love to pass this on to all, and I encourage reading or listening to any genre that captivates your mind. Historical fiction is great, but I also enjoy a heartfelt story of caring about others. Life stories and people who overcome obst

Favorite Subject

I enjoyed many subjects during my school years, but Science and History really got me thinking! I love to be amazed by how things are made or how people lived during times earlier than we can imagine.

Fun Facts

Through the years, I have enjoyed playing sports. I later began coaching when my children played sports. I have coached softball, baseball, basketball, and volleyball. Athletics and academics benefit from one another, in my opinion.

When did you start working with Springs Charter Schools?


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