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Catherine Hanson


Area of Expertise

10 years as Principal of KEYS Independent Study program. Good problem solver also.


Graduated from Cal Baptist University.

Volunteer Experience

Leader in Pathway Connect program which serves 1st year college students in an independent study college program.


Catherine worked for Springs for 19 years in the capacities of Homeschool ES, Academy Advisor, and principal of the KEYS Independent Study High School program which she created under the direction of Kathleen Hermsmeyer. Before that Catherine worked in the Personal Growth field, helping people find ways to make lasting changes and overcome fears and challenges. She has always had a curiosity about what successful people do and how to help others be more successful. She also spent 20 years as a professional artist before embarking on an educational career. She retired a couple of years ago and is continuing to work as a volunteer in helping students complete a first year of college in Pathway Connect with BYU Idaho Independent study college program.

Catherine Hanson
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