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Why Homeschool Enrichment?

Learning Centers provide enrichment workshops for Homeschool students. The schedules vary by location and student interests and needs. The Learning Center helps families connect with other homeschoolers to create a strong support system. Families enjoy the non-traditional choice of homeschooling while benefiting from more time-honored school activities such as school pictures, yearbooks, open houses, and the opportunity to perform and compete as a group. Through events, outreach, activities, and guest speakers, learning center students use the community as the classroom throughout the year.

Academic counseling services are offered on an appointment basis at the Learning Center locations. In addition, special education services, including RSP, OT, speech, and IEP meetings are provided at most Learning Centers.

We have grown into every classroom and enrichment classes for our K-8th grade homeschool students are better than ever! Two days per week, workshops that are offered include favorites such as Musical Theater, Writing with Purpose, and American Girl, as well as new choices this year such as Drawing Fundamentals, Exploring STEM, Odyssey of the Mind and more! We often hear that the lives of homeschool students are changed because of the friendships they have made here and the academic support they’ve received.

Mission and Vision

We offer homeschool families a variety of unique, year-long workshops to enrich their educational experience. Our workshops incorporate academics and the arts to inspire individual interests and passions. Our nurturing staff partner with parents to support educational progress in a safe environment for positive social development.

Personalized Learning

*How do we personalize learning for each student?

  • Building relationships and getting to know the students, parents, and their Education Specialist is a key component in personalizing!
  • We personalize learning by giving students various options of classes that cater to not only their interest but involving parents in the process.
  • Our teachers personalize learning by setting goals for their students based on each child’s individual need and then provide multiple paths to meet those goals.
  • We personalize learning by offering smaller class sizes and a team oriented approach to insure success. Each member of our teaching team brings different skills and training.
  • We personalize learning by working with our students and their individual learning styles. We look at how they learn: either by verbal instruction, visual aids, and perhaps whole body. With our customized lessons, we can focus on their abilities and work with our students to apply their own individual strengths to their own learning situations.
  • We also personalize learning by giving students extension activities to do at home which can be used to supplement their homeschooling curriculum.
  • The learning starts with the learner. Learning is tailored to the individual needs of each learner, not just to the “one size fits all.”
  • In the ICAN math class we plan to personalize learning by tailoring our math centers to each student’s unique style of learning and personal needs. Our goal is to offer alternative and engaging options to students who feel ready to progress to the next level (math games, puzzles, etc.) and work more in depth with those students who are struggling with certain concepts.

*Why personalize learning?

  • Students are more engaged and cooperative in a personalized learning environment, which allows them to successfully achieve their goals.
  • Personalized learning promotes a “give and take” environment to build leaders and team oriented adults instead of test taking robot.
  • Personalized learning enables a student to seek more out of their education. By incorporating this personalized learning, it allows room for more student inquiry, and also develops a passion for academics.
  • Personalized learning inspires students to think outside of the box and encourages them to become actively engaged in their education through passion and excitement.

Goal setting

  • Appropriate, workshop related goals are set for each lesson taught at the Learning Center. Student tasks are then individualized, taking each student’s abilities and learning styles into account.
  • Students have the opportunity to set goals to enrich their own educational journey in Destination Imagination and First Lego League (as a team and individuals; we make sure to celebrate our goals being reached and work together to help individuals reach their own personal goals).
  • In Kid Town the students set life skills goals such as knowing how the community functions and balancing their own check registers.


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