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A Day at Flabob Global Transitions Program

Chelsea is a 12th grader. She goes to school on a routine Monday morning, taking classes in Calculus, physics, English IV, and American Government. After lunch, Chelsea reports to her internship on the airport. Today she is acting as the docent with a visiting group of elementary students from a school on a field trip. She gives them a tour of the airport museum, describing the different planes and their use, occasionally telling a story about how that specific plane was used and who flew it.

When the class field trip is over, Chelsea practices take-offs and landings in the airport flight simulator, before meeting her flight instructor for actual flying lessons. Although Chelsea does not have her pilot’s license, she is only about a month away from getting it (before she even has her driver’s license!) Thanks to some of her previous classes (Aviation Seminar, Ground School 1 & 2, and Aviation and War), Chelsea has received a great deal of support and instruction in her chosen field. That, coupled with her being a part of the airport’s Young Eagles program, where she has received her actual flying lessons, is what took her down such an exciting and enriching life path. She knows that she has a bright future ahead of her as she also prepares for her next year’s lesson at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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