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A Day at Quest Academy

A Day at Quest is filled with laughter, inquiry and the acquisition of knowledge. On a daily basis students are encouraged to be ready, be responsible, and be respectful.

  • Being ready means that the student is ready to learn, put in their best effort, and participate in the activities of the day.
  • Being responsible means that students will take responsibility for their own actions and their own learning experience.
  • Being respectful means that the student shows respect to the school community as well as themselves.

Students are greeted each morning by their teacher to review their progress and to receive further assistance where needed to help them achieve their learning goals. Students work with the teacher, in small groups, and independently during the school day. Math, Language Arts, Science, History/Social Studies, Leadership and ELD are a part of the student’s daily learning experience. Project-based and community-based learning are incorporated throughout core instruction. Students also enjoy physical education and nutrition/health education on a daily basis.


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