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A Day at Homeschool Enrichment

A Day at the learning center is fun, stimulating and enriching! More often than not we hear parents tell us that their student WANTS to come to school each day. All students are greeted by the site director, and teachers, with a handshake and a morning smile telling them that they are special and we are happy they are here. Parents are welcome to come in as students gather together, as a school, in the morning for the flag salute and announcements, providing a sense of community for our students, siblings and families. Though class sizes can reach up to 30, the school invests in quality aides and campus staff who, along with the teachers, invest in the lives of each student. Students learn in many ways from one classroom to the next, they can be found reading and discussing in groups on the carpet, working on science or art projects as a team or maneuvering through a choreography and music while rehearsing for a production. Lunch and time outside are purposeful, maintaining a school culture of respect and safety. Through the choices in workshops, all students have the opportunity to explore their gifts and talents and/or master an academic skill. The day ends as it began, together as a school, along with all staff, and connecting with families as students are picked up to go home.

The Community is our classroom

Our families are our biggest resource in using the community as our classroom. Tapping into the diverse population of our school brings a variety of guest speakers to our campus, occasional field trips arranged to explore fascinating places and to meet experts in our area, and providing our students with the opportunity to give back to their community in a variety of ways.

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