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Career Technical Education (CTE)

CTE classes provide students with a comprehensive overview of the various industry sectors and career pathways available and standardized by the California Department of Education.

Students participate in personal interest, skill assessment, and aptitude evaluations that are used to determine viable professions aligned to the student’s success. Students are introduced to the soft skills (resume writing, interpersonal relations, etc.) necessary to obtain and retain employment in today’s workforce.

CTE classes offer exploration and preparation for high demand jobs and career paths that are both satisfying and financially rewarding. CTE provides grades seven through twelve college career preparation programs covering a combination of applied and technical arts and sciences, including: Business, Engineering, Visual/Media Arts and Performing Arts.

Our CTE classes are designed to help students identify interests, traits, and skills and connect them to effective education and career planning; all of this done at an appropriate developmental level. The students will be active learners as they sample various career tasks, utilize technology, and meet high standards of achievement. Experiences in these courses ultimately help students value education and career planning and maximize individual opportunities.

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