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A Day at Palm Academy

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• Students begin their day with physical education to get their bodies active and their minds engaged.

• Students go into class and participate in community meetings, which are often collaboration between teachers and students.

• The work period commences. During the work period, teachers are giving lessons to small groups of students, while the other students are working on follow-up work from previous lessons, independent work and projects. Throughout the morning students can expect to be invited to a lesson or two, and may be given a lesson by a student who has already mastered the concept. Students may work on a big project that takes much of the morning, or they may work on several small projects and activities. They will record work that has been completed on their work plans, and teachers will hold weekly conferences with students to assess progression towards goals.

• Students will have a combination of lunch and recess in the afternoon.

• There will be a read-aloud period after lunch, where students will have an opportunity to listen to rich literature and have a classroom discussion about what was read.

• In the afternoon, students will have a whole-group lesson on a cultural subject (history, science, art), then students will do follow-up project-based work. When students complete their project, they will return to their work plan and complete any unfinished work or choose other independent work.


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