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A Day at Quest Academy

Students come to school in uniform wearing grade level designated color polo and uniform pants. Community meetings occur each morning and are often planned and led by students. Students learn early on that active participation within our community is key to learning. We work together across grade levels to create a safe, responsible, respectful learning environment. We have consistent student expectations across the campus. The Quest students and staff work together to make sure that everyone feels as though they belong!

Some portion of the day may be devoted to charitable community endeavors – Each year, Quest students select a charitable organization to support through a variety of fund-raising efforts. Also, students spend several weeks each year preparing for student-led conferences. Twice per semester, students meet with their teacher and their parent to share their educational goals and examples of their work (portfolio). The students analyze their strengths and weaknesses and reflect upon their successes and make plans for their next steps.

Time is allotted daily for students to work on their individual personalized learning maps. Personalized learning “I Can” goals are identified with each child after an initial assessment. Children are given a student-friendly map to track progress. All students spend a significant portion of each day practicing these goals. Using their personalized learning map, it’s possible for children to make much more than a year’s growth in each school year.

Project-based Learning (PBL) activities happen throughout the week. Students work individually, in pairs, and in small groups to discover solutions to a variety of real-world problems and to create substantial high-quality learning projects. Topics are integrated and meaningful to students.

The community is our classroom: we invite parents to participate, guest speakers visit our school, field trips are scheduled for every grade level, and after-school clubs offer several options. After school students participate in many different options from after-school tutoring, spirit squad, ASB, Robotics, Affirmation club, Art, drama, sports, and dances.

We encourage all students to achieve at the highest level of their ability, develop a Growth Mindset, and become Self Regulated Learners as they celebrate their achievements. The Quest Student Center provides learning opportunities in small group instruction, one-on-one, and the whole group. We are intentional about making certain every student has what they need at just the right time.


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