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A Day at Mosaic Academy Corona

There are two types of days here at Corona Student Center’s Mosaic Program.

Mark is a 6th grader. On a classroom day (Monday-Wednesday full day and Thursday until noon), he participates in engaging lessons from the teacher, collaborates with other students to complete educational projects, works independently on his reading, and works with a partner to review for a math test. Classroom laptops are available to enrich math, reading and comprehension, and to research science and social studies content for projects.

He heads home on a Thursday by 12:30 p.m. to complete the first portion of his home-study. Friday morning he wakes up and has breakfast in his pajamas with his parents. Mom tells him that one of his assignments for the day is to learn about habitats. There are a few options to accomplish this: watch a Brainpop video on at least one of the habitats and complete the accompanying SQ3R assignment; research an animal’s habitat online and write about five keys areas about that habitat that could not change without dramatically affecting that animal’s life; write a story from the perspective of a desert animal, describing your surroundings (use descriptive vocabulary), and then describe what that animal would experience if placed in a cold weather habitat; explore (with a parent) a habitat field trip within our community, describe it in detail, and draw a picture of it. Mark and his mom discuss the choices and decide to explore. After an hour or two Mark completes the remainder of his assignment, feeling invigorated from the personalized learning experience.


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