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A Day at Otay Ranch Academy for the Arts

Examples of arts integrated lessons at each grade level at Otay Ranch Academy for the Arts:

KindergartenListening – Students work with an instrumental ensemble strengthening essential listening skills while enriching and reinforcing the kindergarten curriculum.

1st GradeLanguage Development – Students work with opera to strengthen vocabulary and enhance reading/writing skills throughout the creation of original operas

2nd GradeKinesthetic Awareness – Students work with dance artists to identify mathematical structures and concepts in music.

3rd GradeWriting and Academic Skills – Students learn to play piano keyboards, Orff instruments and or/recorders while reading, composing original music and developing decoding skills important to language arts and mathematics.

4th GradeAbstract Reasoning – Students study violin, developing their reading and fine motor skills

5th GradeResearch, Create, Perform – Students compose, direct and perform original works that examine universal themes through an inquiry based learning approach.

6th, 7th and 8th GradeComposition/Analysis – Students work with theater and dance artists, instrumental ensembles, and/or visual artists to create and perform original works. This improves students’ comprehension, writing skills, and further develops their ability to use critical thinking strategies.

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