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For the student who prefers a smaller setting, controlled autonomy, and college and career planning support, Keys College and Career Prep (Keys) is the place for you. Our program’s focus includes a rigorous curriculum run similarly to a college style, requiring daily work, weekly check-ins, and mandated support to ensure success. At Keys, you’ll use an AVID approach to learning the necessary and demanding habits for success beyond high school. Students take 3-4, 26-day core courses and electives including 5 one-unit AVID XOPT courses throughout the year.

Students meet in person with their Educational Specialist (Teacher) 1 day per week minimum. Students have access to onsite support 3 days a week and online support is available as well. Keys students are required to take 2 online college courses and have the opportunity to take more including career certification courses in many fields. Some of the certification courses are Forklift operator, Cosmetology, Heath Sciences, and Public Safety.


At Keys, our mission is to teach our students to learn independently so that they may be successful in college and beyond. The KEYS program fosters independent thinking and moves the student to use the community as his or her classroom, fosters curiosity, collaborates with the student in setting goals and personalizing his or her learning, and empowers the student to make wise choices for his or her future.


Students placed on credit recovery must meet in person with their Educational Specialist (ES) /Teacher 1 day per week minimum and attend Study Zone 1-3 days per week as mandated by the ES, counselor, or principal.


It is no secret that everyone learns differently. To meet the needs of the students, school counselors work with students and parents to create a Personalized Academic plan, based on the student’s plans for the future. When creating a personalized plan, counselors take into consideration a student’s history of grades and credits, post-graduate plans, and interests of the student. Our program is designed to help students stay on track to meet their individual goals.

Using state testing and Springs’ assessments, our teachers work with students to personalize their course selection and plan. The teachers help their students to set their own short-term and long-term goals by working with and encouraging them to meet their goals. As a college and career preparatory program, all students choose a pathway of interest. Pathways are completed through college courses, career and technical education courses, and internships. Options continue to expand each year to meet the diverse workforce needs of a global society. Families are vital to our student’s success. Parents and guardians have access to our online student information and course management systems, Oasis and Canvas.

Regular progress checks are easily enabled using a Canvas reminder system for parents. Students also have a daily tracker where assigned work, notes, and plans are kept for easy access and review. Regular communication creates a strong link between home and school. The Keys College and Career Prep program requires effort, engagement, and commitment from students, families, and staff to achieve educational success.


Keys College and Career Prep have a strong technology base. Each student’s entire course of study is easily accessed through our online curriculum database, Canvas. Canvas stores all assignments, worksheets, videos, websites, supplemental readings, and everything necessary for each course (physical text formats are also available for some courses. All courses are A-G level and approved by the UC Board of Regents. Each student is issued a Chromebook so they may work where ever they have access to WiFi.


Post-COVID has left many students struggling with social relationships and mental health concerns. We take pride in the purposeful and practical development of relationships. These are formed in peer partnerships, teacher and aide connections, counselor support, and various events that allow students to be a part of a small cohesive, and positive group.


We offer a rigorous course of study designed to prepare graduates to access post-secondary and career education options. High school students who want to accelerate their academic order to graduate from high school early will find the flexibility they need in the Keys program. Students who are successful in these endeavors are typically students who are self-motivated, willing to put in additional effort to accomplish their goals, and have strong foundational knowledge in reading, writing, and high school mathematics. Acceleration plans must be developed and approved in collaboration with the student, teacher, and school counselor.

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