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A Day at Keys


There are as many types of school experiences as there are students in this program. Here are a few examples.

Jayden is a senior with a job that she enjoys. Her goal is to complete high school and move into a higher position at her current place of employment. Her employer thinks highly of her and has actively worked with Jayden and Springs Internship liaison so Jayden can gain college-articulated school credit and work experience units. On Mondays, she attends her virtual homeroom course where they set goals, work on organizational strategies, and learn new skills to use in the classroom. The rest of the day she works on her daily assignments for all classes.

Jayden has a full schedule of high school courses and attends Study Zone 2 days per week. When she arrives, she meets with the instructional aide to review her work completion and progress, then she meets with her ES to review her upcoming weekly virtual seminar classes, assignments, and areas where she needs more support. Her teacher recommends a collaborative study group to work on the topic with a few other students in the same course. Here, the students work together sharing their questions and work together to learn the material. The group then goes back to their workspace and completes the assignment, checks their work, and uploads it to Canvas for grading. Knowing that her work permit is only allowed with a GPA of 2 or higher, she is diligent about submitting only her best work. Jayden is on course for a career where she will gain a certificate in her field of interest and graduate with her peers. Although she completes her school work 5 days per week and ensures the work is her best, she is able to work and pursue her ultimate goals.


Sean loves sports and schoolwork is not his favorite. However, Sean found that in Keys College and Career Prep, he can earn a CIF letter in basketball and complete his school work with assistance and oversight from a team on site. Sean has determined he wants to attend college and play ball and he knows a strong educational foundation is necessary. In Keys, Sean is able to choose from a variety of course options in each subject matter. He is thrilled he does not have to read the same short story and answer the same questions at the story’s end. Sean attends his Monday Homeroom meetings, his course seminars virtually throughout the week, and the Study Zone 3 days per week. As a young man, Sean has learned that he needs as much accountability to complete his daily assignments as possible; even on his home study days, he checks in with the teacher and instructional aide to ensure he stays on track.

Sean has already met with a few colleges and has a future ahead in college basketball and hopes to determine his career interest as he attempts more college elective courses. Cheryl enrolled in the Arrow High School program hoping to recover units from previously failed courses. She has set an academic goal to graduate from high school within four years. During her advisement meeting to discuss her plans, the staff explained to Cheryl that she will need to schedule additional time for her schoolwork daily and stay current with all of her coursework. During the meeting, an academic plan was developed. Each week she meets with her teacher and turns in her completed work. The teacher and Cheryl create a list of assignments that will accelerate the timeline for her to complete each of her courses. Once she has completed all the lessons and passed all quizzes and exams, she will be awarded her final grade and units. She will then be allowed to enroll in the second semester of the course. Cheryl works long hours, on weekends, and during holiday breaks. Over time, she sees that her hard work is beginning to close the gap and her goal of graduating in four years is soon accomplished.

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